Broken Arrow Leather

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Antiques & Croquet Wickets

Who is Broken Arrow? 

I have a lot of titles.  Husband, Father, Grandfather, Pastor, Biker.

The name Broken Arrow comes from an organization that I am a part of called Frontiersman’s Camping Fellowship.  It is a service branch of the Royal Rangers Ministry of the Assemblies of God.

FCF is sort of like reenacting. When we have our events, everything is to be Pre-1840. Our clothing, our shelters, our food, our tools, weapons, etc.  It is a lot of fun. 

Part of FCF is having an “FCF Name”.  Then name should have some spiritual significance.

I chose “Broken Arrow”  I was inspired by Matthew Chapter 21:44  “And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder.”

I did not live a good life, I wasn’t a “good” guy.  But I fell on the Stone (Which is Jesus Christ), and I was broken. My old sinful way of life was gone.  This “Broken Arrow” now flies straight.

The second part of that verse…”on whomever it falls” is referring to  people who do not have salvation in the end…… So, the moral of that story….”Don’t be caught dead without Jesus!”

How Broken Arrow Leather began….

I was working in construction around 2002, and I broke my ankle.  I was very concerned and told my wife, “We can’t afford this!, I can’t be off work for 2 or 3 weeks!”   It turned out to be over 6 weeks! But God is Good and He provided for our needs.  Not being one to sit still for too long, I thought that I would try eBay. I had bought several things there, but never sold anything. So I hobbled out to the garage on my crutches looking for something to sell. I knew I had some old Harley Parts, so dug a bit and found a chrome generator off of my old 1965 Sporty.  I listed it, and it sold. I learned 2 things that day. 1) Things sell on eBay, and 2) Don’t guess at what shipping will cost! Shipping turned out to be a LOT more than I had anticipated, so there were no actual profits in the first sale. BUT I was bitten! I started to look around at some yard sales, and flea markets, etc. to find stuff to sell. (I was a picker, before being a picker was cool!). 

I also consider myself to be somewhat of an inventer, and entrapaeur.  I thought to myself, I want to figure out something that I can make to sell on eBay.  That is when I started to make the handgrip and lever covers. 

Started out with a few pieced of scrap leather that I had around, and decided very quickly that wasn’t good enough. So I sought out some better leather, and have been using Heavy 5oz Full Grain Leather ever since.

The leather that I use is heavy enough that the fringes don’t beat you to death on the way down the road.

I can honestly say, that out of the hundreds of sets of Hand Grip, and Lever Covers that I have made, I have had 100% Customer Satisfaction. 

At first, I sold my Leather Motorcycle Accessories on eBay, along with the Antiques & Collectibles. Then, after a few months, I started my website

I still sell on eBay, and have done so full time since 2002.  I am also the Associate Pastor of my church.


I also started  Over the years I have bought many vintage croquet sets, and they are almost always missing the wickets. (The metal hoops that you hit the ball through). So I decided to start making them as replacements.  I have sold over 1000 sets in the past few years. I make 10 different varieties, so if you need wickets….. go to  or you can find brokenarrowleather on eBay or Broken Arrow Vintage on Etsy.

Coming soon. Have an old lock, cabinet, trunk and no key? You might just find it at